Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year!

hanging around

pretty dresses

red for luck!

little cousins ♥

look at her feetsies :)

I really like those curtains



littlest fashionista

look at this!

herro dere


Happy (Belated) Chinese New Year Everyoneee


01.17.10 LA Play Day!

Today, it was Harmony's Belated Birthday Playdate.

Today, it was gonna be me and Harmony IN LA....(bitch!--like the song? yeah? yeah).

Today we was gonna go SHOPPINS.

Today, it rained. :(

But we're CHAMPS and we went ahead with the play plans anyway. I didn't have the time to find and buy Harmony a tangible birthday gift, so instead, she asked me to plan a super fun hang out for just the two of us. At 11:30 PM last night, I began.

(I know I'm terrible -__-)

Everything worked out in the end, though! And by about 1AM, I had our day totally planned out, and by 10:00, we were ON THE ROAD.

Our first stop was The Getty Museum, LA! I'd only been here once or twice with school field trips and once with my parents (that's just an awful place to take a bored little 7 year old. D:), and she'd only been there...never. :) I had my big tourist camera and my supah cute photo-worthy outfit on, and we were off!

I don't feel like editing any pictures, so I'll just put up a few unedited ones ALL of the ones that I think are just..freaking adorable/cool/cute/win/i like.

harmony drew me a picture ♥

Venus and Adonis ♥



gaw-guhhs bed

overcast weather

omnomnom bacon!

i like how mine is crooked x)

Harmony and Kristina

LOL so that was the Getty! I put up more than I had intended-- oops. OH OH
How could I forget my camerawhore moments? Here they are:

best. pichure. evah.
my fave, by far :)


awkward balloon...

lol silly harmony blurred a lot > u <

After the museum, we were HUNGRY, so we decided to hit up PINK'S! The line was SUPERLONG--it stretched all around the building this time. D: I (somehow) found a parking space with my giant hunk of a car, and after an HOUR LONG wait (in which it started it rain-just our luck, right? :P), we finally got our dericious dogs. I'm so dumb, though, cos I forgot to get the polish sausage when we ordered and I only realized it after they'd given us the food. T__T Ohwells, I suppose. Next time.

Playday = success!

Hope you had fun, Har$$!


(This was taken from a journal entry, hence the present tense. Ohman I should really update this thing regularly >__> You also may have noticed the lack of a Christmas Part 2...Well, my editing thing seems to be not working. The next few posts will be severely disorganized. My bad. Sorry!)

(Much Overdue) Christmas Pictures (Part 1)


aww. tender moment. :)
(I'm not completely happy with this. I might re-edit later)

I...dunno what he's doing, but he's still cute.

most fave pic



Christmas pictures from my mom's side of the family. (Technically it's Christmas Eve pictures)
I love having a big famiryy. I tried taking more pictures of the adults, but I couldn't help following the babies around. :) I heart kids!

More pics soon.