Saturday, July 31, 2010

07.30.10 Baking FUN

i like playing with the batter



my favorite picture!

makeshift cooling rack found in toaster oven!

peach vs. cupcake

sarah and i joined forces and made some raspberry buttermilk cake and brown sugar frosted peach cupcakes today.
mmmmhhh they were pretty delish.
i love smitten kitchen


Wednesday, July 28, 2010



waiting to go in

kandi :)

i love music

only halfway through the night

the boys



07.04.10 July Fourth!

Gif Created on Make A Gif

it works!

what happens when you put 3D glasses in front of a lens :)

twas a fun night :)

Georgia 2010

ahh I'm so terrible at consistent uploads. = n =
here are the rest of my Georgia pics all in one post.
i'll explain as we go :)

traditional vietnamese wedding reception

pouring tea

blessings from mom and dad

blessings from grandfather

here! you can hold my flowers :)

when are we gonna eat?

cake ♥

possibly my favorite picture of the whole trip. they remind me of the dogs playing poker painting, except the were playing rock paper scissors with candy as betting materials. so cute!

my mom says this picture makes her think of when my dad was a schoolboy
white button down and black slacks
gathered around the pool table drinking beers


Ruby Falls

nature is kind of amazing

underground waterfall!
we went underneath the fall, which explains the strange angle of this shot (i'm behind the fall, leaned out and looking upwards into the mouth of the fall)

i'll try to be better about uploading,
i promise!