Saturday, March 5, 2011

03.04.11 Sunny Side Up

Switched up the roles a bit for this photoshoot. :)

My friend and fellow amateur photographer, Darren Chan, is taking a photography class and needed to get some practice taking outdoor shots. And so, in the middle of winter...

....To the beach!

one of the first shots of the day
(my personal fave. look at that lighting!)

Darren likes this one. :)

one of the more awkward shots of the day.
"arch your back!"

i whip my hair

Gotta love California weather.
The lighting was kind of harsh, but it was good practice. T'was a fun-filled afternoon, and a nice break from all the studying I've been doing.

I'll upload the rest in a few days! But for now, enjoy a couple of my faves.