Thursday, June 17, 2010

06.16.10 Portobello Mushroom Salad

Karthik came over for a cooking adventure today.
i say it was a success. :)


06.14.10 Biking Adventure! (number one)

taking a break :)

we found a sunflower under the bridge!

(taken by Taylor Tso :) )

they look so cute and inquisitive!
this is one of my favorite pics

this IS my favorite pic


hehe check out that muscle.
my friends are silly.


can't wait to go again!


06.03.10 Irvine Spectrum and Ramentimes

okay so i know two of them are me, but these are my fave images, so SHH. > u >
went to spectrum, had some ramen, and ended the day with the tide pools! i'm really sad i forgot to bring my camera, but sand is the devil. :C

next time.



05.29.10 Santa Monica and Griffith Observatory

Santa Monica Blvd. :)

pretty feetsies

check out dis cool guy
(i like his violin a lot)

game face

i wanted one

what a view :)

i forgot what this was :(
i think it was part of a giant telescope

from what i understand, this pendulum never moved from its set path, but instead the earth moved underneath it and every 7 minutes, it would knock over one of those little black pegs :O
pretty neat.

i want to explore LA more often.
anyone want to come with?